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Coex Theaters

Coex ArtiumCoex Art HallAuditoriumConference Room(South) 401

The Auditorium is a 1,058-seat wing-shaped theater located on the 3rd floor of Coex. It was originally designed for the ASEM summit in 2000, and is often used for international conferences and awards ceremonies.

During the summer and winter seasons, the Auditorium hosts musicals and plays as well as conferences.

The theater’s elegant design and luxurious interior never fail to impress. Each widely-spaced leather seat comes with a fold-away tray. Every seat also includes an earphone jack that connects directly to twelve translation booth audio systems. The Auditorium’s sound system surpasses most cinemas, making it ideal for media-heavy events.

Auditorium specifics:

  • - 2,105 sq m
  • - 990 sq m lobby with full natural lighting
  • - 1,058 seats
  • - 12m (W) x 24m (H) x 11m (H) stage
  • - Main 20m x 7m auto screen
  • - Two 240” side screens
  • - Stage batten
  • - 12 translation booths and 6 dressing rooms on fourth floor
  • - 2 snack bars and 4 VIP rooms on third floor
  • - 8 entrances with automated double swing doors
Auditorium zoom