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Coex Theaters

Coex ArtiumCoex Art HallAuditoriumConference Room(South) 401
Conference Room(South) 401

Conference Room South (Room 401) is a mid-sized theater-style auditorium. It holds up to 450 visitors in three tiered seating sections.

Conference Room South is most often used for international conferences, symposia, and award ceremonies. However, during the summer and winter months, it hosts musicals and other performances as well as conferences.

Fixed-screen, lighting, and high-end A/V systems make live performances easy in Conference Room South. The walls’ wood veneer finish gives the room a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Finally, a master control center and a host of connected booths enable detailed performance control from behind the scenes.

Conference Room South specifics:

  • - 489 sq m
  • - 450 seats
  • - 6 translation booths
  • - 2 A/V control rooms
  • - 9.4m (W) x 13m (L) x 6m (H) stage
  • - 12m x 5m auto screen
  • - 12m x 1m batten

Conference Room(South) 401

Conference Room(South) 401 zoom