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G20 Seoul Summit

Into Creating Celebrating
The G20 Seoul Summit 2010 
November 11th-12th, 2010 
What’s it like to be the venue for G20?
33 world leaders, 4,500 press, 4,000 delegates, and 5,000 security in two days.
A year and more of venue preparation.
Lauded the world over.

Welcome to Coex.
The Beginnings

Coex was selected as the venue for the G20 Seoul Summit in January 2010. During the bidding procedure, cities and venues all over Korea competed for the honor.

After selection, a special team of 12 Coex employees was formed to work exclusively for summit preparation. Over the next 10 months, this dedicated team worked together with a task force team of 40, with more people added as the summit approached. The five groups in the G20 prep group were administration, summit and media center PCOs, client and tenant relations, security and safety, and facility management.

The Venue

Coex worked hard to create a perfect G20 venue. To learn about our contributions to summit construction, sustainable operations, security, and technology, visit Creating G20.

The G20 Seoul Summit was an accomplishment for all Korean people, whose hard work brought about the stunning economic progression that won Korea the G20 bid. To learn how Coex contributed to the nation-wide G20 celebrations, visit Celebrating G20.