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Green Coex

Coex has dedicated itself to conducting business in a more sustainable way.
Below are examples of how we are making our operations more eco-friendly.

LED Light Testing and Replacement

Coex developed BeMS in-house in 2002 to monitor its facility management operations. BeMS is integral to Coex’s sustainable efforts, as it records and analyzes:

Gas usage

Electricity usage

Water usage

Waste production

Recycling levels


These numbers are then used to calculate Coex’s daily carbon emissions. BeMS can also run complex simulations of energy-saving or waste-reducing measures. This allows facility managers to benchmark future eco-friendly efforts.

BeMS also helps Coex maintain indoor environmental levels. For example, the system calculates the minimum number of air conditioning units that need to be used each day based on forecasted outdoor temperatures. BeMS also helps Coex manage energy grid usage during peak hours, such as during extreme weather or large events. This helps to minimize the effect of the complex’s energy usage on the environment as well as curtail expenses.

BeMS carries out extensive mathematical analyses of Coex’s energy usage. All information is compared over time, and analyses between energy and waste levels on a per-day, per-month, and per-year basis are constantly carried out. In this way, BeMS allows Coex to determine whether energy is being used efficiently within the complex. It also helps Coex come up with better ways to manage and reduce all types of carbon emissions.

Coex also handles many of its more “human” information through the system. Collecting customer feedback, safety history, and maintenance records within BeMS helps Coex facility managers quickly locate problem areas and come up with solutions. Even employee information such as shift schedules and task assignments can be managed through the system.

Coex has had much success with BeMS, and as a result has

become Korea’s top energy and management consultant for large centers and complexes around the country. Coex has sold BeMS consulting services to two other convention centers, as well as POSCO’s flagship POSCON Tower and Seoul’s Times Square Mall. Three other complexes are also in the process of purchasing
BeMS consulting.

If you’d like to make any business inquiries about BeMS, please contact:

Joong Hwan Na l Manager
tel +82-2-6000-1224

System Booths

Coex’s event teams actively encourage organizers to use recyclable “system” booths in our exhibition halls in order to make events more eco-friendly. Our teams work directly with designated booth manufacturers to provide incentives for using system booths in the halls.

System booths only generate 91 kg of waste. Most of the booth parts are reusable and still completely customizable. The alternative, traditional wooden booths, can produce up to
798 kg of waste. System booths also take less time to install than wooden booths, and can reduce overall costs for exhibitors.



Company Culture

Coex employees are joining in on the environmental effort on an individual level. A successful campaign to create a more sustainable work culture is being carried out in the Coex offices. Efforts include:

Distribution of reusable coffee mugs and USB sticks

Individual accountability for trash and waste paper generation

Bicycle parking passes for intrepid bike commuters

Reuse of all printed material that becomes unnecessary though double-sided printing