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Green Coex

Coex’s environmental efforts are an ongoing process. Below are some of our current efforts, set for completion in the near future:

Green remodeling of Exhibition Hall B, including carpet, HVAC, and lighting replacement, beginning July 2010

Expansion of water recycling system into the Trade Tower by 2011.


Continued LED installation with the support of local public utilities:

  • - 7,364 bulbs before the end of 2010
  • - 13,441 bulbs during 2011
  • - Eventually, lighting throughout the entire center will be replaced with LED

Continued replacement of old HVAC equipment

Installation of 92 additional solar panels on the rooftop by 2012


30 more bicycle check spaces in 2010, and 40 in 2011

Another 998 sqm rooftop green space before 2012