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Conference Room (north) 201-211

ASEM Hall was specially designed for the 3rd Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in 2000, and is located on the 2nd floor of Coex. ASEM Hall’s design merges traditional Korean art with the most up-to-date conference technology, providing a luxurious combination of beauty and function.
17 discreetly positioned interpretation booths can support the simultaneous interpretation of up to 32 languages. Furthermore, because the booths are closely located (surrounding the conference room within) interpreters are positioned at the closest distance possible to the speakers, allowing for interpreters to see speakers’ facial expressions and gestures to allow for the greatest degree of understanding.
ASEM Hall meeting rooms are symmetrically positioned within the hall, six rooms on each side (on the left and right from the center), and are used mainly for small seminars related to events hosted at ASEM Hall, such as the secretariat during international conferences, or as VIP rooms. They can be partitioned into a total of 14 rooms, depending on the needs of conference organizers.
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