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Lease Information

Frequently Asked Questions about meetings at Coex:

How many people can you comfortably accommodate?
Using spaces designated as “meeting room” spaces, we can have meetings holding up to 7000 people in one room. Using a combination of meeting room and exhibition spaces, the numbers can be even higher.
Rental Times:
Rental rates include room use for a specific time period, such as 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, 6pm-
      10pm, or 8am-5pm. We allow for an additional half-hour outside these time periods free of charge for the pur-
      poses of setting up or moving out of the meeting room. Additional time is charged at the rate of [Daily Charge / (9
      hours)]* # of hours. Please note that it may not always be possible to arrange additional time.
Furniture arrangement:
Rates include your preferred setup in theatre, classroom or banquet style up to the
      maximum capacity of the room. If you wish to have the room re- arranged during a single day event, (such as
      from classroom to banquet style) there is an additional labor charge.
All meeting rooms over 100m² are provided with two lecterns and wired microphones. Most rooms
      with a capacity above 150 include built-in projection screens. Some of our larger meeting rooms also have podium
      areas, and built-in simultaneous translation booths.
      Lobby and Pre-function areas: The placement of a registration desk in the area in front of your meeting room is
      included in the rental agreement. Additional use of the lobby area can be arranged on a cost per square meter
We will provide one complimentary daily parking pass for meeting organizers, one ticket per 100 m²
      meeting room space rented. Should you wish to provide parking for your guests, refundable parking tickets can
      be purchased in advance of your event.
Garbage Removal:
Waste removal from meeting rooms is included in our regular meeting room rates. For
      exhibition-style setups, however, there is an additional fee based on the amount of garbage produced. Our waste
      management team sorts recyclable waste from other garbage.
Exhibition and other uses of meeting rooms:
Please note that the basic rates for meeting rooms do not
      apply for exhibitions or other non-meeting events. Exhibitions and other types of use are subject to a 50% sur-
      charge above the regular rental rate.
Heating and Cooling:
We aim for a comfortable environment in all our meeting rooms. If you find the room too
      warm or too cool, please notify a room manager, or pick up one of the designated house phones located through-
      out the meeting room areas.
Standard meeting room use includes electricity. Should you require special arrangements (such
      addi-tional outlets as for multiple computers or servers, or other electrical equipment) there may be an additional
All our meeting rooms have flat panel monitors indicating the meeting that is taking place. As well,
      screens throughout the facility can indicate directions to your meeting room area, if you wish. Please provide us
      any images or text you would prefer for this purpose. Banners outside your meeting room entryway are accept-
      able. Arrangements can also be made for additional signage and banners throughout the Coex facility.
Security guards are on hand during business hours, and are assigned to be in areas where meetings
      are taking place, in order to ensure the safety and security of your visitors. If you are holding events where addi-
      tional security is necessary, it is possible to hire additional personnel at a reasonable rate. Please see our
      Designated Contractors information.
What is your catering policy?
Walkerhill Hotel is our designated catering company. It is not permitted to bring outside food into Coex meeting rooms. Bottled water is acceptable. If an event requires non-catered food (such as a promotional event for a food product) arrangements can be made with prior notification. Please contact us for further details.
Do you have AV and telecommunications services?
Yes. We have an extensive supply of audio-visual equipment. Please see our AV equipment section. Wired and wireless internet connection information is available here.
Can you arrange for hotel reservations for us?
Certainly! Coex has a special arrangement with our “Coex Partner Hotels”. There are also many other hotels nearby, at various price ranges. We’re happy to offer advice and recommendations to help you make the best possible arrangements. Please include your hotel needs when you make your initial inquiry and we will let you know what’s available when we provide your quotation.
When should we sign a contract for our meeting room space?
Depending on the season and the size of your event, it can vary. In general, making arrangements as soon as possible is the best way to guarantee the booking of your choice.
How can  we arrange payment?
We require a 10% deposit when contracts are signed, with the remaining 40% and 50% (plus 10% VAT) to be paid three months prior and one week prior to the start of the event.

Payment can be made by bank transfer:

  • Account Holder: KITA (Korea International Trade Association)
  • Bank Account : 342-01-061750
  • Bank Name : Shinhan Bank
  • World Trade Center Branch, Swift Code: SHBKKRSE
Are there any other rules and regulations?Terms and ConditionsMeeting Room Rules & Regulation
For more information, please contact us at Coex Venue Marketing Team, or call +82-2-6000-1128

How can  we arrange payment?