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Fly with Coex Partners

Airfare Discounts for Your Attendees
Coex has partnered with major international carriers Korean Air and Lufthansa Airlines to bring airfare discounts to all of our overseas visitors and event organizers. If you are an international event organizer, these discounts are ready and waiting for you and your attendees.

View Lufthansa’s Route Map View Korean Air’s Route Map

Any event organizer can provide airfare incentives to their attendees by partnering with Lufthansa or Korean Air through Coex. Event attendees will be able to access airfare discounts through discount links and codes placed on the event’s website.

Event and discount specifications are as follows.

  Korean Air Lufthansa Airlines
 Applicable Events    Any exhibition or convention at Coex with more
   than 100 foreign participants
   Any exhibition or convention at Coex
 Discount rate    5-10%, dependent on fare type and period    5-10%, dependent on fare type on period
 VIP Benefits*    Korean Air special discount price for
   first/business-class seating
   Lufthansa special discount price for
   first/business-class seating and VIP services
 Mileage Program    Skyteam mileage    Star Alliance mileage

*VIPs are exhibition or convention organizers and invited buyers specially designated by the organizer or by Coex.

How to Access Airfare Discounts for Your Event
Are you an organizer interested in the airfare discounts program for your event? If so, please contact us at Global Business Unit to connect you through the airline carrier. Your event is welcome to use either or both the airlines.

  • Make an Inquiry Coex’s Global Business Unit representatives (listed below) will forward your inquiry to the airline and clarify any initial requests or concerns that you have.
  • Receive Discounts An airline representative will calculate the discounts available for your event based on travel dates, seat class, and other factors. The airline will then contact you directly with the discount information.
  • Post Reservation Links The airline will provide you, the organizer, with the reservation links and individual codes for the discounted rates. These links and codes can be placed on your official event website, newsletters, and other communications with your attendees. Attendees can use these codes to receive discounts when they reserve their flights.
  • Reserve VIP Extras VIP benefits and discounted rates must be discussed directly between the organizer and the airline. Potential VIP packages and benefits are listed on the table above.


If you are an event organizer and would like to find out more about flying with Coex’s airline partners,
please contact us below.

   Korean Air Contacts

   Lufthansa Contacts

  • Korean Air Regional Marketing
  • Jihye Kim



  • Lufthansa Airlines Sales Department
  • Ms. Jooyeon Park



  • Coex Global Business Unit
  • Ms. Susan Kim



  • Coex Global Business Unit
  • Ms. Vicki Baik